Mike Swearingen

This dude is always ripping whether it be on his skateboard or snowboard, Mikey can throw down hammers in any situation. His insane skateboarding translates into his snowboarding and vice versa, which makes maneuvering transitions easy for him. Imagine a cat being able to land anything on its paws, that’s how Mikey is on a board.

Sponsors: Lib Tech, Union, Pow Gloves, Vans, So-Gnar, Oneballjay, Northwest Snowboards

Austen Sweetin

Short in stature but the dude goes BIG. Sweetin’s career has skyrocketed over the last few years taking him around the globe from AK to Japan, but he still finds himself taking Summit park laps every time he returns to the Pacific Northwest.

Sponsors: Yes, Analog, Zeal, Now, Coal, SNoCon

Austin Hironaka

Never a dull moment when this guy is strapped in. Hiro looks at features with a different eye and his creativity combined with raw talent as made him into a snowboarder’s snowboarder. Whether he’s driving fast cars, or maneuvering his board through the trees, the dude is charging.

Sponsors: One Ball Jay, Pow

Jesse Burtner

A professional boarder for Lib Tech Snowboards, Mervin manufacturing Team Manager across snow and skate, Think Thank Founder/Filmer/Editor/Rider/Bossman; Jesse Burtner could quite possibly be the most interesting man in the world. This being said you will also catch him sessioning the weirdest thing he can find in the Summit Parks any given afternoon. This guy does it all.

Sponsors: Lib-Tech, Think Thank, Pow, Dang Shades

Aaron Cardwell

A-Cards spends his nights in the groomer shaping the features you love and spends his days in the park putting his work to the test.

Sponsors: DC, Dromas, Anon, Zico, Superfeet, Union

Stefan Krumm

Elected Mayor of Tube City, Stefan Krumm is a park vandal that is sure to please. Not only will this guy shred every jib and jump until close, he will shovel and groom them back to perfection (because it’s his job).

Sponsors: Lib-tech, Nike, Bent Metal, Arnette.

Andy Devore

AKA Alpental Andy. If you guessed he spends a lot of time at Alpental, you would be correct. On any given day Andy can be found slaying gnarly lines in the Back Bowls, touring the vast Alpental Valley, teaching his kids how to pizza on Bernard, or chillin' in his trailer in lot 3 after a good day. Don't let his growing family fool you though, he still goes huge and still makes it look easy.

Sponsors: Line Skis, Full Tilt Boots, Smith Optics.

Jamie Baril

Jamie is one hard working skier. He spends a lot of time slappin his sticks down on our jibs, but he's also a critical part of our park crew. Spending countless hours working on features, because he knows when the park is on point the hott laps flow like [insert favorite rapper here].

Sponsors: K2 Skis, Dromas Apparel, evo, NWT3K, Coal Headwear, Von Zipper, POW Gloves.

Clint Christen

Clint "Big Burd" Christen brings a style second to none, his tall stature and extra smooth technique really set him apart from the crowd. Take some laps with Big Burd and you'll quickly realize he's super humble, has a big ol' bag of tricks, is down to lap, but is all about getting it done... waiting around is not in Clint's playbook.

Sponsors: NWT3K, Nordica, and evo.

Corey Nugent

Growing up in West Seattle, it was a natural fit for Corey to start his life on snow at Alpental. Now, a decade and a half later he not only calls Alpental home, but is also a lead coach for Alpental Freeride. You can find Corey shredding, flipping, and spinning anything and everything on the mountain. He's also a competitive force on the North American freeride circuit, utilizing the Cascades as the perfect training ground.

Sponsors: Oakley, 4FRNT Skis