Aaron Cardwell

A-Cards is an all terrain killer. He's been riding The Summit his whole life, and it definitely shows. From the back country to backflips in the park, Aaron charges it all with a clean and lazy style. He's known for making the hardest tricks look like childsplay. 

Cardwell certainly has paid his dues to The Summit. He's been on Park Crew grooming our parks since he turned old enough to join, and might know Central Park better than anyone. While riding he looks more comfortable than anyone else on their board, so keep an eye of for the smooth stylings of A-Cards.

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Stefan Krumm

We are stoked to spend another year shredding with Krummy again. Stefan is another Summit raised guy, riding here since he was a kid. He's one of those guys who's imposible to not notice him while he's on his board. Stefan will send it off anything, and will always go bigger than anyone expects. From Superpark to Central Park, Krumm is always turning heads. Be on the look out for this guy flying through the air this season. For him, going slow just is not an option.

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