Be Confident in Your Big S Pass Purchase

When you purchase select Big S Season Passes for The Summit at Snoqualmie you get peace of mind and confidence in your investment, plus our loyal 2014-2015 season passholders are eligible for Preferred Pricing on next season's pass.

Snow GuaranteeSnow Guarantee

All Big S Gold, Unlimited, and LTD Passes, come with our 100 day guarantee. If we don’t reach 100 days of operation you will be offered a discount toward the following season’s pass of 1% per day we fall short. It’s that simple!

For example, let’s say we’re only open 89 days next season. That means that you as a 15/16 passholder will get an 11% discount on the purchase of your 2016-2017 Season Pass!

Winter 2014-2015 was a very abnormal season that delivered very low snowfall for the Pacific Northwest. In light of this extremely disappointing season we made the decision to go beyond the 1% per day, offering preferred passholders 80% off their 15/16 Big S Pass. We operated a total of 40 days in 14/15, which normally would resulted in a 60% discount. Night passholders received the discount as well, although Night Passes do not carry the Snow Guarantee.

For a day to count toward the operations guarantee, at least one of The Summit’s base areas must be open. The Summit’s base areas include; Alpental, Summit West, Summit Central, and Summit East alpine. Big S Night and Nordic passes are excluded from the Snow Guarantee. To receive Preferred Pricing on 2016/2017 passes, passholders must purchase 16/17 pass by our first spring pass deadline of May 31, 2016.

Preferred Pricing for 14/15 PassholdersPreferred Pricing

Preferred Pricing is the price after our Snow Guarantee calculations are made. We show our love to loyal passholders by extending Preferred Pricing on season passes to 14/15 passholders. Preferred Pricing for 14/15 passholders translates to an 80% discount through September 15th for our most appreciated guests. After September 15th the Preferred Pricing discount will be 60%, for the remainder of the 15/16 winter season. Click here to read the announcement.

To get Preferred Pricing a passholder must purchase the same Big S Pass they had in 14/15, with the exception of Gold passholders and Peak 2 Summit (P2S) passholders. Gold and P2S passholders can opt to purchase an Unlimited, L-T-D, or Night pass at the Preferred Price if desired. 14/15 Night, L-T-D and Unlimited Passholders can choose to upgrade for an additional upgrade fee.