Summit-x-ThinkThank Video Contest

Contest Entries

Warning - may contain explicit lyrics

It starts off at Tube Tied! From Saturday January 25th at Tube Tied to February 25th crews of up to 3 people (up to 2 riders and a filmer) can submit a Vimeo video to The Summit of their snowboard tom-foolery from Central's park with the chance to win Lib boards for all the team members, a Think Thank X REMCO shovel, and a bunch of other amazing prizes included an invitation to film with the Think Thank crew. Think Thank will be picking the winner. Come one come all and let's get this thing rolling!!!

Video Submission Guidlines:

  • 3 Minutes or less
  • Submit to Summit Parks FB before Feb 25, 2014
  • Edit should be filmed in Central Park


Tube Tied - Presented by Lib Tech and Think Thank Productions


Yesterday Mother Nature decided to remove the cloudy blanket that she laid over much of the Pacific Northwest, and while it was no snow storm she blessed us with, she was able send the second weather pattern these parts have not seen much of – the sunshine. Blazing like the fire of a thousand stars, the sun tore through upper Central Park at the Summit at Snoqualmie, and that’s when things got really twisted.

Summit Parks worked hard through the night to lay every tube possible in their arsenal in preparation for Lib Tech and Think Thank’s Tube Tied. The zany array of green tubes proved to be a quite the set-up, geared toward channeling the spirit of Think Thank. As you might expect, feet were flung out of bindings, tubes were aired onto from locations other than their respective lips, many riders went upside down, and there was even an Er***ion Plant.

As the day blazed on, riders were fueled by the most tube-resembling food around; hot dogs with of course, ketchup and mustard (pun intended). The meat tubes were scarfed down, and the smooth voice of rider, Mervin team manager, and top dog at Think Thank, Jesse Burtner on the mic kept the creativity high. Think Thank affiliates, Max Warbington and Ryan Paul also offered their two cents of inspiration, taking part in the tube sliding festivities.

The warmth brought soft snow, smiles to everyone in attendance, and kept the dogs warm, so we can’t complain. It may not have been a blizzard, but it was one heck of a day.

Thanks to all everyone for coming out!

~ DM - Summit Parks