Operations Update

We've got a couple weeks of full operations under our belt so far and the snow is holding up well thanks to cold temperatures in the base areas and our limited, but helpful snowmaking efforts at Central Express. Coverage is still lower than normal so until we get another helping of snow please be cautious and continue to watch for marked and unmarked hazards.

Summit West, Summit Central, and Alpental will continue with full operations. Summit East has yet to open, but we're hoping mother nature delivers another big storm soon to bring snow depths up to an acceptable level for operations. Watch the forecast and stay tuned for further updates on Summit East.

Here's a breakdown of this week's schedule.

Week of Monday January 27th:

Summit West

  • Wed-Fri - Nights (4pm-10pm)
  • Sat - Day and Night (9am-10pm)
  • Sun - Day (9am-5pm)

Summit Central

  • Mon-Sat - Day and Night (9am-10pm)
  • Sun - Day (9am-5pm)


  • Tues-Sat - Day and Night (9am-10pm)
  • Sun - Day (9am-5pm)


  • Fri-Sun - Day (9am-4pm)


  • Fri-Sat - Day and Night (9am-9pm)
  • Sunday - Day (9am-6pm)