Back Bowls and Backcountry

The Alpental Back Bowls and Backcountry can be the highlight of your day, but it can quickly become a just the opposite.  Preparing yourself for skiing or snowboarding in this wild terrain is essential to your safety, and the safety of others.

Slope Safety

Being on the mountain is all about having fun, but remember others are here to do the same.  Following the responsibility code and having respect for everyone on the slopes helps ensure a great day on the slopes for all skiers and snowboarders.

Chairlift Safety

Especially important for youths and children, follow these guidelines to help your youngsters get a lift!

Deep Snow and Tree Well Safety

Finding yourself fully buried, or evening partially buried can not only be extremely frightening, but is also seriously life threatening.  The best way to avoid getting caught in a dangerous deep snow or tree well situation is to always remain on the groomed runs.  If you plan on venturing off-piste, be sure to check out our tips and guidelines.