Skiing and Snowboarding Abiltiy Levels

Use this guide to help select a lesson that fits you best.


Numerical Level(s)

Ability Description



Never skied or snowboarded before? Welcome & thank you for choosing our school!



Build basic skills & confidence on the magic carpet terrain.


3 - 4

Seek adventure on beginner lifts and develop basics to handle elementary slopes.


5 - 6

Explore more terrain and improve skills to have more fun on intermediate slopes.


7 -9

Challenge yourself to advance and gain the knowledge to be an all mountain expert.

Helpful Note: Whether it is for you, a friend or family member, we understand that assessing your ability level can be difficult and sometimes confusing. If you aren’t comfortable making a decision with the above overview and descriptors, please come to our meeting place and we can help narrow things down, to suggest the level that works for you. While we can not guarantee that all groups are perfect, we have plenty of experience in matching up people to form guest groups for 75 years. Our friendly caring SnowSports School team will be on snow to help!