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Smash Life! Banked Slalom

Feb 28
7:00 AM - 4:00 PM

This event has been cancelled.

Registered snowboarders can choose to get their entry fees refunded, or donate their entry fees to A-Rob's Plant-a-Seed Foundation. If you choose to donate, your name will be entered into a raffle for a chance to win sweet gear from Skull Candy, swag, and we even have a brand new board in the raffle pile. To receive a refund, registered snowboarders must contact us at by Wednesday March 4th, 2015.

The fourth annual banked slalom event at Alpental. Thanks for Smashing Life with us for the last three years!

Riders from all across North America get together to celebrate a fellow shredder, and dear friend, whose life was taken too soon, Aaron Robinson.

The course this year will be on upper mountain, just into the Back Bowls of Alpental. We're really pumped about the location for this year!  Its a little rowdier than your standard ditch run, with huge hand sculpted turns, and last year even had a capsule.  Mother nature ultimately dicatates the route, but no matter what you can expect a truly unique course with plenty of banked turns. The Alpental event is the second stop in the Smash Life series and due to huge support and popularity has grown to a two day event in 2015. Known for it's positive vibe, rooted charm, and rowdy ride... the 2015 Smash Life! Banked Slalom is a must-hit on any boarder's list.


  • $25
  • Online registration only
  • Discounted competitors ticket available
  • Up to two qualifying runs Saturday, one final run on Sunday
  • All competitors must wear a helmet and have turned in a signed release

For event schedule, categories, and more info download the PDF.

Registration Closed

Golden Ticket

We're stoked to announce that once again Mt. Baker will be offering up two Golden Tickets.  The overall winners of the Mens Open and Womens Open classes in the Smash Life! Banked Slalom series will win a Golden Ticket (pre-qualified entry) to compete at the 2015 Mt. Baker Legendary Banked Slalom. In order to win a Golden Ticket you must compete in both the Alpental event, and the Big Sky event.


For more info about the Smash Life! series and the A-Rob Plant-a-Seed Foundation, visit

The proceeds of Smash Life! go to the Aaron Robinson Plant a Seed Foundation, and although it is a competition, the soul of the event is routed in having fun and celebrating an inspiration to the community while raising funds for A-Rob's Plant a Seed Fund. 

The A-Rob Plant a Seed Project

Click here for last year's results