We don't have direct power at the top of Edelweiss and therefore, use a bank of batteries charged by a generator while we are in operation to power the camera, the modem, and any other electrical needs required for the patrol and lift shack. Edelweiss chair is powered only from the bottom terminal and until about 4 years ago, had absolutely no power source at the top until we installed the generator system. So the camera has no problems when we're only closed Monday as the battery backup covers that time period. Unfortunately, 48 hours is about as long as it lasts without a recharge. Therefore, in spring when we fall back to weekend operations you'll see the camera turned off on Sunday evenings as well as some nights mid-week. We originally debated whether to even install a webcam at the top because of these factors but decided ultimately people would prefer to have it this way than not at all.  We hope to develop a suitable solution to the power issue soon.

Many people question why we don't just run power to the top... There are major cost and USFS issues, etc involved in that discussion and we hope that when the day comes to upgrade the chair, direct power to the top will be included.