Generally 3-4 feet.

Alpental does generally need a bit more snow to open than Summit West, however, the good news is that Alpental does recieve and hold onto snow more so than any of our other base areas. The terrain at Alpental is very rugged, mostly due to its steep rocky terrain. We typically require about three to four feet of standing snow to cover up the numerous rocks, creeks, and other obstacles etc. Some windy snow storms in the mix really help move snow around all the obstacles though… Please note: the caveat to the amount of snow required to open does vary greatly, particularly when our summer hill maintenance is stepped up and we're able to accomplish more brush-cutting. This was the case this last summer and fall which has enabled us to open more on less snow. There are a few variables affecting our ability to open the mountain as we’ve listed right here but suffice it to say, we love to get Alpental open as soon as we can as a lot of us who work here are huge ‘Alpentalics’ and enjoy the challenging slopes found at Alpental as much as the next skier or snowboarder!

In case you are wondering about Summit Central, it is generally somewhere between the other two in amount of snow needed.  The terrain at Summit Central is more rugged than Summit West but not as rugged as Alpental. Again, summer maintenance, brush-cutting, etc. helps immensely in regard to opening scenarios.