Participants are assigned to groups according to their ability level and age based on the information we receive from the registration forms. 

  • Please ensure that the information you have provided us, especially about your child, is as accurate as possible so that we have the best chance of a good fit from day 1. 
  • It is normal for groups to be rearranged during the first couple of weeks of programs.  We try our best to limit switching groups, but it is not always avoidable.  
  • A participant’s assigned group number may be found each week on a posted list in the program’s meeting area.  This group number corresponds with a numbered sign where the participant will meet their coach at the start of each session.  
  • Please check each participant’s class assignment prior to meeting the coach each week.
  • You may request to be in the same group as a friend of the same discipline, age and ability level by filling out the “Please put me in the same group with” section of the registration form. We will try to accommodate reasonable requests; however there is no guarantee that you will be in a group with someone you requested.