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Wilderside Recap

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This last weekend was a busy one up here. Sunday brought tough competition to Summit West for Wilderside. This is one of the coolest, funnest, and most unique contests in the Northwest. It's easy to forget about Wildside, and the awesome terrain it holds. Summit West is not exactly know for having advanced terrain, but over on Wildside, there lies a playground for those who venture out.

This weekend, kids from around the region came out to try to put down the best run down this legendary area. Besides from a few carved out side hits, the course was basically designed and built by Mother Nature. This let competitors get creative with their lines, and hit things in ways that others had not even dreamed of. On top of having such a fun zone for the contest area, local invited competitors hung around and helped the younger kids choose their lines and gave them tips for how to handle the sticky snow. That may be the best part about this whole contest; not only is it held on one of the funnest slopes at The Summit, but its a fun contest built on riding new terrain and learning from other shredders. 


Judging this was pretty tough, as it seemed like everyone's runs kept getting better as the day went on. Almost everyone ended up getting three judged runs, and the competition definitely picked up by the time it was all said and done. After a full day of double ejecting, tomahawking, and heavy tricks, Wildside had been ripped to shreds, and the stoke level was high. Thanks to everyone who came out, we can't wait for next year!


Female 10-12 Ski

  1. Tru Wolden
  2. Hailey Weider
  3. Bridget Schorfhaor

Male 10-12 Ski

  1. Quincey Claesgens
  2. Bryson Chinn

Male 10-12 Snowboard

  1. Devon Bryan

Female 13-15 Snowboard

  1. Skye Wolden

Male 13-15 Ski

  1. Alec Lawrence
  2. Wyatt Nataros
  3. Gianni Pantoja

Male 16-18 Ski

  1. Eric Harvey
  2. Nolan Wescott
  3. Charlie Lawrence

Male 16-18 Snowboard

  1. Austin Buza
  2. Chris Nelson


  1. Corey Neugent
  2. Seth Hampson
  3. Andy DeVore