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Water Update: Food Service Resumes

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  • Mtn Operations

UPDATE - Feb. 1 at 2pm

It's official! All of our restaurants and outlets have been cleared and are serving up delicious favorites once again. Summit West and Alpental are already geared up and serving hungry skiers and snowboarders following today's approval from King County Department of Health. So if you're coming up for night skiing, stop in and enjoy a bite to eat!

Now that we're completely through this situation we just want to extend our thanks once again to all of you for hanging in there and being patient. Time to enjoy the food!

UPDATE - Jan 31 at 6:30pm

More good news from the Snoqualmie Pass Utility District for everyone here on Snoqualmie Pass! The boil order has been lifted this evening, something to really celebrate! This does mean that water is now potable at Snoqualmie Pass including our base areas. We also received approval from the Kittitas County Department of Health to prepare and serve food in our outlets and restaurants in that county. We'll begin serving food again at Summit Central Thursday morning (and Summit East this weekend).

We expect to receive approval to resume regular food preparations and services from the King County Department of Health Thursday which would allow us to begin food service Friday. That approval applies to Summit West and Alpental. Stay tuned for one last update for those areas.

UPDATE - Jan 25 at 4:15pm

Finally some good news at Snoqualmie Pass! The Snoqualmie Pass Utility District has located and isolated the water leak and are now in the process of restoring non-potable water back to our facilities as well as local businesses and residences. This means that we will be able to reopon tomorrow (Friday Jan 26), but we will have severely limited food and beverage services/options in our lodges for the next 4-6 days.

Very Limited Food & Beverage Services

The entire Snoqualmie Pass area is currently under a boil order until the entire water system can be flushed, treated, and tested. Until this testing is completed, we will not be able to cook or prepare foods on-site, but will have beverages, snacks, and other packaged products available like wraps and salads. We are also able to serve beer. Your health and safety is our highest priority, so in keeping with the boil order, please do not drink any tap water at our facilities until the testing is completed and the boil order is lifted.

Our lodges and food & beverage services are the parts of our operation limited by the non-potable water situation. Mountain operations, tubing, lessons, nordic, rentals, and all other areas of The Summit will operate as normal.

The Silver Lining

It's been snowing off and on since we closed and the forecast is calling for a lot of snow to fall over the next two days. So conditions tomorrow and into the weekend should be prime! Come get fresh tracks!

Again, we want to thank everyone for your patience. For both The Summit as well as the entire Snoqualmie Pass community, the last 24 hours has been frustrating and difficult. We appreciate everyone's understanding during this unfortunate situation.


Previous Update - Jan 25 at 11:45pm

We are meeting with the Snoqualmie Pass Utility District at noon to get an update on the water outage at Snoqualmie Pass. The utility district's crew has been working hard to narrow down the problem or leak. We hope to have more information for our guests early this afternoon. We are also working with local authorities and agencies to figure out what our options are for operations if this becomes a more prolonged closure.

Water Outage at Snoqualmie Pass

Unfortunately, according to the local utility district we are looking at a prolonged outage of water supply for both The Summit/Alpental as well as the entire Snoqualmie Pass area. Snoqualmie Pass Utility District crews are working through the night and into tomorrow to resolve the problem as soon as possible. With the water situation currently unresolved and affecting our ability to operate the ski area,

The Summit's operations will remain closed for Thursday, January 25 2018. As much as we would love to resume normal scheduled operations for Thursday, it isn't possible given this situation. We apologize to all our guests for this unfortunate and temporary inconvenience. We do appreciate everyone's patience as we await more information and updates regarding the water situation and we all look forward to getting up and running again as soon as possible.

This is an unfortunate and complicated situation not only for The Summit at Snoqualmie and our guests, but also for the residents of Snoqualmie Pass, all of whom are currently without water.

As always, please check our website for updates. Thank you, and may the temps continue to fall and the snow continue to stack for an amazing reopening!

Lift Ticket Refunds

If you purchased a lift ticket for Wednesday night (Jan 24) or Thursday (Jan 25) we will be automatically processing refunds. If you have a question you can email us at