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Using Our Payment Plan

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Payment plan for season passes & lessons

Last year when we rolled out our new payment option for season pass and consecutive week lesson purchases we knew it would be a hit with families. It simply makes getting ready for the upcoming season easier on your bank account and monthly budget. This year it's back and we've been getting a few questions about the option, so we decided to break it down.

Photo & Credit Card Notice

If you have not uploaded or submitted a new photo for your 16/17 season pass, please do so as soon as possible. A new photo is required for the 16-17 season. If you're using our payment plan option, please make sure your credit card on file is valid and will not expire before the last scheduled payment. Thank you!

Click here to learn how to update your photo and info.

Number of payments based on time of year

The first thing to note is that our payment system is designed to split a purchase into five payments when purchases are made in May or June. If a purchase is made in July the system creates four payments, if the purchase is made in August it creates 3 payments, if made in September it creates two payments. So the earlier you purchase, the lower your payments.

*As of July 26, 2016 purchases made are split into 3 payments.*

How much will I have to put down?

There's no standard amount. It just depends on the total in your cart and the number of payments. Below are some down payment examples. The down payment amount (and each payment) also increases each time our season pass prices increase.

As of May 24, 2016 (split into 5 payments)

  • Adult Gold  - $113 down
  • Adult Unlimited - $91 down
  • Youth LTD - $52 down
  • Kids Wednesday Afternoon Adventure Lesson - $45 down
  • Alpental Freeride Program - $170 down

For example, here's an Unlimited Pass:

pass payment screenshot

Want to get a consecutive week lesson for more than one child? The payment plan makes it much more palatable. Here's an example with Alpental Freeride and West4:

lesson payment screenshot

See for yourself!

We recommend just hopping into our lesson or pass store and adding the products you're interested in purchasing to your cart. There you can see exactly how much you'll need to budget both up-front, and each month.

Season Pass Store  |  Consecutive Week Lesson Store

Payment process dates

Payments are automatically charged to the card on file on the first of each month. Please make sure the card you use will not expire before the last payment date.

Purchases made after the 15th of each month

When you make a pass or lesson purchase after the 15th, your next payment will skip a month. So if you purchase on June 16, your next payment will not be July 1, but will be on August 1.

Lock in a price before the deadline

When you use the payment plan the price and payments are based on the date of purchase. So you can take advantage of the lower price without having to pay in full up front. Lesson prices increase after May 30 and season pass prices increase after May 31. So what're you waiting for?! Get it done!

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Please note: Not all products are eligible for the payment plan.