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Summit Syndicate: Mikey Swearingen

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There is a lot that can be said about Mikey. I've been trying to decide if he's better at skating or snowboarding for a while, and I think my conclusion is that he's a boss at both. It's easy to see that his board control and trick selection is heavily rooted in skating. The guy charges transitions, boosting higher than anyone else, all while holding the most proper of grabs. On jumps, Mike's not afraid to send it, either hucking a back nine, or floating a tweaked 180. The guys just looks like he's made to be flying through the air. On rails, Shwazy, as he's been known to be called, is an animal. Not only does he have basically any trick at his disposal on any feature, I have literally see him invent a few never been done tricks. When Scott Stevens, the master of creating new tricks, calls you out on a NBD trick, that's something to respect. 

All in all, Mikey is a true beast on a snowboard. He lives for speed, air, and doing his own thing. Don't pass up any opportunity to ride with this guy... if you can keep up.

Syndicate: Mike Swearingen

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