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Silver Fir Power Project

  • Mtn Operations

Sending power to the top

Work on the Silver Fir power project began earlier this summer and will continue until the main power line reaches the top of Silver Fir Express. Our electrical team is making great progress, laying conduit farther up the mountain each week.

This installation might not seem very grandiose at first glance, but it's quite exciting for us and all of you local skiers and snowboarders! As some may have heard through the grapevine, this project is the backbone to a greater goal; opening Silver Fir for night skiing!

We plan to open Silver Fir for nights starting winter 2018-2019 and the trunk line from the bottom to the top is a critical component that needs to be completed before we can install lighting circuits to each trail. The main line has a junction at each tower, allowing for many lighting circuits to branch upward and outward next summer.

We plan to release more details about the Silver Fir lighting project next summer (2018) as we gear up to install all the lights and open the area for night skiing!