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Up Jib Creek Recap

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After making us all patiently wait a few more weeks than planned, Mother Nature finally came through and gave us more than enough snow to make this the best Up Jib Creek ever. The event went off without a hitch, we were even spared from the rain! 

First off, lets recognize the effort put in by Joe Pope and his Park Crew. Joe and the guys have literally been working on Jib Creek for months, building custom features from reclaimed materials, spreading countless bales of hay, and making the set up this year way crazier than ever before. These guys literally had orientation Wednesday morning, then went straight to work for the rest of the week. So give them high fives and a thank you next time you see them, these guys genuinely care a lot about making fun stuff to ride. 

With the set up looking perfect, tents and banners started popping up, music started blasting, waivers signed, and the grill was fired up. Thankfully to have snow instead of rain coming down, the riding began. Right from the start, people started throwing down. Whether it was catching your first airtime of the year, or going straight into the flat bar to stair set, everyone not only got get back into skiing and riding, but they were seriously throwing down. 

Music and hot dogs provided the motivation needed to make the hike back to the top, along with the amount of stoke achieved after a full run of hitting features. The options were limitless, and people started getting creative. Jumps, banked turns, hips, boxes, rails, logs, stalls, rainbows, corrugated tubes, ledges and quarterpipes littered our little creek. There truly was something for everyone, and high octane ripping was going down until everyone was about ready to collapse from exhaustion. 

Things wrapped up with an awesome session on the small corrugated tubes, the mud starting to eat up riders. Smiling, wet and tired, things wound down and I think its safe to say that this years Up Jib Creek was the best one yet. Hours after the sun set on event day, the skies opened up and we've received about 20 inches of snow!

This brings me to an important and exciting piece of news, so congratulations for sticking with me this far. With opening day this Tuesday, we will be OPENING JIB CREEK TO THE PUBLIC!!!!! If you couldn't make it Saturday, or just want more, come on up this week and lap Jib Creek from the chair!!!! We will keep Jib Creek open until Central opens, so it's a limited time offer. As awesome as the set up is, its only a matter of time before it gets buried, then there's not much we can do, so get it while you can!!

Keep your eye's peeled for more info about opening day, as well as a full recap video of event day!