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January 3 Park Update

  • Terrain Parks

With just about a month of operations under our belt, we now enter the next phase of our new park plan. While we're still constantly hoping for more snow, we've begun to transition our focus to Central Park and Greenhorn Acres. We were stoked on Jib Creek, it has been a long time since we've had a park at West, but all good things must come to an end eventually.

Over at Central, Greenhorn and Central Park are growing consistently.

Greenhorn Acres

In Greenhorn, there is a wide variety of mellow boxes, perfect for first time jibbers, or learning that new half-cab switch tail press swivel michael jackson pretzel. Whatever tricks you have, Greenhorn is packed full of boxes to get slide-y on. 

Central Park

In Central Park we've been able to get the first kicker up on the medium jump line, with a sendable canon rail on the second deck. Once we get more snow, we'll get the second jump up in medium line, then get to work on building the big line! Down lower we have a variety of jibs from classic tubes to tricky combo's and an S-rail. More features are going in nightly so keep an eye on the parks page to stay up to date as more features get set. 

Lastly over at Alpental, the 7th annual Smash Life Banked Slalom is taking place this weekend! Although the competitor spots sold out in record time, it's worth swinging by to check out the carnage and enjoy our amazing snowboarding community come together for such an awesome event. If you've never been to a Smash Life event, you definitely want to check it out.

Thats it for now. We'll keep adding to the parks and doing our snow dances. Stay tuned for more jumps, jibs, and the park over at East!