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Alpental Freeride Open 2016 Results

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2nd Annual Alpental Freeride Öpen Results & Recap

Special thanks goes out to everyone that helped make this event happen! Without the help of members of Alpental patrol, the crew in the lodge, lift operations, the judges, and coaches from the Alpental Freeride Program, this event would not be possible. Kudos to all!

This year nearly 75 skiers and snowboarders competed in the Alpental Freeride Öpen, a count much higher than the first event held in March of 2014. Each rider had just one run down the Edelweiss chairline to prove to the judges they had the skill and style to take a position on the podium.

Alpental Freeride Open 2016

Spectators on the chair witnessed young shredders of all ages navigate Alpental's gnarly terrain. Airing the Rollen cliff band, charging The Fan, sending 3's off natural terrain features, we saw it all, and many of the competitors were under the age of twelve. The skiing and snowboarding was impressive to say the least.

If you missed it this time, I highly recommend competing next season, or just catch the action from the chair. Either is sure to be a good time!