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14/15 Passholders Get Massive Discounts

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Summit Passholder Discounts & Rollovers For 15/16

When determining this credit plan, we wanted to keep things as simple and straight forward as possible, while giving the most we possibly could to our loyal passholders. We aren't basing credits on the number of days you skied, or tacking on some extra products that you might not use. We’re just giving a huge discount on the most important thing for skiers and boarders in the PNW, your season pass. To read the original letter from the General Manager, click here.

Preferred Pricing - 80% OFF Thru September 15, 2015

Preferred Pricing is our way of showing our appreciation and dedication to our passholders. The 80% discount is off the retail rate for Big S Season Passes, with the exception of guests moving from a Child Pass to a Youth Pass. Guests aging up to a Youth Pass will receive 87% of the Child Pass price toward their purchase of a Youth LTD, Youth Unlimited, or Youth Gold.

It's really easy for 14/15 passholders to get Preferred Pricing on next year's pass. Simply head to our online store and during the checkout process you'll be asked to enter your pass number (without the "p"). Once your pass number is entered, your discount is automatically applied. If you don't have your season pass handy, you can look up your pass number in our online store. Just follow these steps.

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15/16 Big S Season Passes


After September 15th - 60% OFF

Early bird Preferred Pricing and the additional 20% off ends September 15th. After that the discount will drop to 60%, which is the standard amount stipulated by our Snow Gaurantee and our total operating days (40) during winter 2014/2015. Retail prices also go up after this deadline, so be sure to order by the 15th to get the best deal on your season pass renewal. Guests aging up to a Youth Pass will receive 60% of the Child Pass price toward their purchase of a Youth LTD, Youth Unlimited, or Youth Gold.

Season Pass Upgrades

We now have upgrades available for Preferred Passholders. Want to get a 15/16 season pass, but want to go from an L-T-D to an Unlimited? No problem. Want to go from an Unlimited to a Gold (this is a great opportunity to upgrade to a Gold Pass)? No problem. Just select the upgrade option in our store, select the pass you want, and the additional upgrade cost will automatically be added to your subtotal. The cost to upgrade will be your renewal rate plus the difference between the regular price passes.  IE – To upgrade from UNL Adult ($80) to a GOLD Adult the price will be $180 plus tax (upgrade price example thru Sep 15).

M.A.X. Pass Add-On

The all-new M.A.X. Pass gets you 5 days at 22 different resorts (110 days total) across North America, including ours, for an affordable price when you add it on to your Gold Pass. This add-on is even available for Summit Gold Passholders that purchase a 15/16 Gold Pass at the 80% discount. MAXify your season, add-on a M.A.X. Pass today!

14/15 Nordic Season Pass Rollovers

For 14/15 Nordic Season Passholders we are offering full rollovers due to the fact that our Nordic Center was not able to open this year. If you had a 14/15 Nordic Season Pass you automatically get Nordic access in 15/16. All you have to do is visit our online store to confirm your rollover and sign the 15/16 liability release. Cheers!

Rental Season Pass Credits

Just like our season passes, we know many of you didn't get to enjoy the convenience and value of your Rental Season Pass (RSP) for as long as you’d have liked, so we'll be offering the same 80% off next year's RSP for all 14/15 Rental Season Passholders.

Peak to Summit Pass

14/15 Peak 2 Summit Passholders will be able to purchase any 15/16 Big S Pass at the 80% discount through September 15th. The Peak 2 Summit pass will no longer be available.

Park Pass Rollovers

Park Passes will be getting full rollovers to 15/16, so if you had a Park Pass in 14/15 you will not have to pay the renewal fee for 15/16, you're all set for next year.

The Summit SnowSports School Program Rollovers

First, we would like to send our appreciation to all Summit SnowSports lesson program participants for being so patient and understanding this season. Our plan for SnowSports lesson rollovers is a bit more complicated than our season pass products and therefore will take a little longer to complete. The SnowSports School has started the rollover process, click here for more information. You will be receiving electronic confirmations with follow up details to the email address you provided when originally registering for your 14/15 ski or snowboard program.

March letter:

Dear 2014-15 Passholders,

Sadly, the time of year has come for us to accept that winter is not coming back in any substantial way.  Despite all our snow dances and collective hopes and wishes, winter 2014-15 has plain decided not to be kind to Pacific Northwest skiers and riders.  We appreciate all your patience the past month and half since we closed waiting to see what the second half of the season might bring.

Although there is still a chance we could get snow and have a limited re-opening, we know most of you are ready to get this winter in the rear view mirror and start thinking about next year.  Fortunately these types of seasons are far and few between here in the Pacific Northwest.  In fact, over the past 50 years this type of low-snow season has occurred about one out of ten years.  The Summit has a long history of taking care of our passholders in these types of seasons when conditions have kept us from offering a reasonable amount of skiing and riding.

As you know, new this year, we instituted a 100 day snow guarantee for all of our passholders.  This was done to help all of you have complete confidence when making the decision to purchase a Big S Pass.  To this date, we have operated 40 days this season. By the formula this provides for a 60% discount off of next year’s pass. However, we are well aware that conditions on many of the days we operated were well below our standard expectations. Because of this, with the support of Boyne Resorts, we are very pleased to offer all our 2014-15 passholders an additional 20% discount for a total of 80% off of next year’s passes.  This added discount will be available until September 15th, 2015.  We hope each and every one of you will take advantage of this offer and join us in getting excited for a “real” winter in 2015-16!

Dan Brewster
General Manager