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14/15 Lesson Program Rollovers

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14/15 Summit SnowSports School Program Rollovers

It's official! After a long and disappointing battle with Mother Nature we have finally decided to concede victory. We did everything in our power to try to get all of our students out on snow with us, but alas, we are throwing in the towel.

Because we were unable to deliver some of our programs in their entirety, we are offering a transfer of all undeliverable 14/15 consecutive week lesson visits to the 15/16 winter season. If there were any days in the 14/15 season that your program didn't complete, you'll be eligible to roll those days to the 15/16 season. For instance, if your program met for 2 days, and was supposed to meet for 8, you'll be eligible to redeem 6 days toward the same program in the 15/16 season with no extra charge or you can also choose to purchase the complete 15/16 program and only be charged for the days that are not included in the rollover.

Find a breakdown of each program and the number of days credited to the 15/16 season here.

The rollover lessons are not automatically applied. 14/15 participants will need to sign-up for 15/16 lessons through our online store starting May 15th to register for next year and redeem rollover lessons. Each participant should receive an email outlining the rollover, credits, and signup for their particular program.

Lesson Rollovers & Online Registration Now Available

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Lesson rollovers apply to The Summit SnowSports School Lesson Programs only.

Guaranteed Placement

Placement in 15/16 Consecutive Week Lesson programs will be held for 14/15 students through September 7th, 2015. After September 7th, participants can still use their rollover lessons, but we cannot guarantee placement in the same program taken in the 14/15 season. Please signup as soon as possible to avoid disappointment and complications.

Lesson Visit Rollover Only Option

If your rollover lesson visits are not equal to the full program length you may opt out of registering for the full lesson program in the 15/16 season. We are offering this option so that participants do not have to pay more to redeem their undeliverable 14/15 lessons. If you do not wish to enroll in the full consecutive week lesson program and would like to only participate in the rollover lessons, please contact the SnowSports School by emailing

Trading Lesson Credits for Other Lesson Products

Trades for an alternate lesson type can be facilitated on a case by case basis. Please contact the SnowSports School by emailing for more information.